My Friend Dezur and “The Ripe Project”

Posted on November 28, 2012


So as you know, every once in a while I highlight the work of one of my web series supporters.  Today I proudly bring to you Dezur Kenna and her “Ripe Project.”  Dezur is a unique and talented woman who started the blog “The Ripe Project,” to parallel her solo stage show, “Ripe.”  Her mission here is to step up and live the life she always wanted to live as she enters “older age.”

When I read this on her blog, I thought of my usual modus operandi, like at summer camp, when I would wait until the last day to tell the cute guy that I liked him.  That way, I thought, his rejection of me would be short lived and soon gone.  Nonetheless, there is a sort of courage that comes about when you’re at the finish line.  The end comes near, and boldness rushes forth.

Dezur, like me, worked at many restaurants and bars while finding her way.  She wound up acting in some very interesting projects.  I’m most partial to this one:


Dunkin Donuts is my home away from home.  I spend so much time at writing there that I’m expecting a shareholder certificate any day now.  Plus, I speak Bengali enough to get a free refill once in a while.  But, I digress.  As Dezur says, Now in my fifth decade, I may finally have figured it out. Here it is — You never figure it out. So I’ve stopped trying and instead focus on actually living my life. You know, following the natural course, letting things get — well — RIPE.”

The title of her blog is a nod to Al Pacino’s ‘overripe’ line in GODFATHER III, Just when I thought I was out, life pulls me back in.

You know, that’s the thing about life.  You can try to back away from your calling and your heart’s desire only so much until life will slam you against the wall and say, “Sorry.  There’s no running from this.”  There’s no playing small in this life.  You can try…because you think it’s easier…but inevitably it’s more uncomfortable.

“I Fired Aaron Sorkin” was one of my favorite of Dezur’s posts.  I found myself immediately glued to the screen gobbling up her words, mainly because he is my FAVORITE actor, but then more importantly because of the message.  Aaron may have been an ‘asshole,’ but he did what he wanted.  And that is why he got to where he is.  He didn’t let self-consciousness or what others thought of him pave his destiny or man his ship.

While Dezur considers herself a serious actress, she was told she was made for sitcoms.  She says, “As we all know, there is nothing more serious than comedy.”   I couldn’t concur more.  She can currently be found playing Mrs. Arthur in the “Mel and El Show.”


Check out her blog

Her spirit really comes through her words.  Full of color, personality, life and a sense of humor, there’s a message for all of us.

So, Dezur, thank you for supporting the MY PARENTS ARE CRAZIER THAN YOURS Web Series Project.  But an even bigger thanks for being an inspiration to me.  And may you be an inspiration to all of us to “not wait” until the last day of camp to talk to the cute boy.  To live life to the fullest now, to take chances, and to do what we came here to do, which is expressed in the desire of our hearts.

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