Annoying Cell Phone Users

Posted on December 3, 2012


So, WordPress just published my post without the text.  Then, erased all content from it.  So here I am retyping it.

My parents are in Florida.  And I am in Queens.  My life is luxurious inside the Dunkin Donuts on Queens Boulevard where I come to escape to my inner world where I am a published writer among other things.  My driver waits for me outside lest I ding the bell and he is summoned to drive me to Bloomingdales for a shopping break to alleviate my mental fatigue from too much expressed genius.  I long for nothing.  Not a Chanel suit.  Not a Clarins beauty product.  Not even a Boston Kreme.  This world is starting to feel quite good…until the asshole two chairs down starts blabbing into her cell phone.  She is going on ad nauseum about the contents of her spiced rum dessert – like NOBODY else is listening – and doing so in an unforgettable Queens/Spanglish dialect.  Why do I need to hear this??

I can no longer dwell in my fantasy world.  I must only try to control my temper.  And now I remember why Angry Gladys was created.  To channel my passive aggressiveness into something more constructive.

I recall the time I tried to buy something at the store, but the cashier was too busy texting her friend to acknowledge my presence.  This, and every single other time someone has spoken TOO LOUDLY on a cell phone next to me makes me feel DISSED.  Like I’m not important enough to you to deserve some peace and quiet?

So, this Angry Gladys episode is for all of us out there affected by annoying cell phone users/texters and their ignorance.  Please enjoy.