Posted on February 25, 2014


As you may recall, my mother has always gone to great lengths and much embarrassment to score me a date. She’s stopped men in the mall, at Bed Bath & Beyond, and even married men because she couldn’t see their wedding rings with her poor vision. She’s done anything and everything to get me married, because that’s her life’s purpose apparently.

She’s stopped men in the supermarket, given my number to friends of friends of friends, and even tracked down a handsome health care marketer when we were visiting someone in hospice. She followed him down the hallway and tried to get his number at the nurses’ station while they all looked up at us like a gaggle of awakened cows in the field. There are no boundaries when it comes to her mission.

In the upcoming Episode 3, you’ll see what happens after my mother runs into a local, single rabbi at the library and convinces him to go out with her ‘beautiful’ daughter. My parents trick me into thinking I’m going out to free sushi with them and then drop me off at a restaurant where the rabbi waits. I, shell-shocked, walked into the situation with my sweats and cut-off t-shirt and proceed to sabotage the situation.

Blind Date with the Rabbi

Blind Date with the Rabbi

What happens next is rather hilarious, (although I’m really sorry for what happens to the rabbi).

Stay tuned for Episode 3 in two weeks.

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