Less Than 24 Hrs Til…

Posted on April 3, 2014


…Episode 3 is live!
Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of setbacks when trying to make a low budget mini-show that details your life’s dysfunction. Trying to get people to work for free is one of them. “Trust me, it’s funny. It’s about crazy parents and life going wrong all the time.”
“Yeah, I’m sure, but I gotta pay rent, too.”

Then there’s the issue of the crucial missing footage. There is a very important scene after my parents set me up on a horrible date with someone they met in the library. I come home and really give it to them. Trust me, it was some of the best acting and heated emotion I’ve seen in my life. Then, all that footage went missing. Some HD video technicality. I thought I was going to have to trash the whole episode. My heart sunk. My stomach dropped. Then finally the editor said, ‘Well, we do have this take.’ And it was the first take we shot – a filmed rehearsal, really. But it was a wide take of the whole scene. Not amazing – but not horrible. It saved the episode. You’ll see it tomorrow.
Because that’s when it goes live! And I’ll post it here first.

It’s the first episode that really goes in depth into the relationship with the parents. Shows their human side, if you will.

Last night after finishing the sound mix and putting the final credits on…

I could barely think straight anymore. So I went to the couch to lie down.
And that’s when my little lap dog decided he needed some love – and all he would have to do was inconspicuously sneak up and lie on top of me – no one would notice, for sure. Here:

Can you spot him? I know, it’s hard. He’s so sneaky.

So, stay tuned for tomorrow. And know that sometimes when life hands you lemons, you make a web series out of it. Turn pain into humor. It’s worth it.

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