My Dad Gets Spiritual

Posted on May 7, 2014


So, I don’t have to tell you that my father is the modern equivalent of Archie Bunker. Except he aggressively uses coupons and loves naked women. So, perhaps you’ll be as surprised as me to discover that he has a new obsession: past lives.


While my mother plays Mahjong, my father attends book groups and even organizes discussion meetings around books like “Journey of Souls.”

In my surprise, I saw an opening…a way to connect for the first time with my Dad on a subject that I’m also interested in. So, I carefully waited for the right time to broach the subject. “You know, I’m also interested in that stuff, Dad.”
He started explaining, ad nauseum, what people have said about leaving the body and having an experience and how he has read not one, but five books on the subject. He proudly boasted that he is now an expert. And that his friends are into it now, too…all because he told them about it. And they do what he says.

I started to tell him about a book that changed my life. “Dying to Be Me” by Anita…
“You know what book changed my life,” he interrupted me.
“My passbook.”
Silence on my end.
“Do you know what that is,” he persisted.
Is this going where I think it’s going?
“It’s my bank book. Tell me something, Myra. When are you going to get a real job? With a real income? You need to make money.”
I choose not to respond.
“…with benefits.”
“I have to go Dad. Enjoy your book club.” And I walk out.

So much for an overturned Archie Bunker.

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