I Don’t Care About the Assholes

Posted on August 11, 2014


Character: Lydia From the Bronx

I’ve lived a lifetime of trying to escape the negativity of my situation by focusing on the positive.
My mother now believes that, too. Not because I rubbed off on her – unfortunately I think I only gave her stress. But, because she learned it on TV. From Dr. Oz to be specific.
But I digress.

When I’m faced with negativity from other people, I write. Or sometimes make silly videos, where I get to act out my frustration in the form of humor. This was my creative love letter to everyone trying to be feel more positive in a world that sometimes feels like a sea of negativity.

In I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE ASSHOLES, I play a therapist with a personality disorder who’s got some sincere yet screwball advice about being happy.
Please enjoy.

Here’s a picture of Dr. Gatswani and Dr. Goldfarb.

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