Posted on November 17, 2013


In just a few weeks, we’ll be rolling on Episodes 2 and 3 of MY PARENTS ARE CRAZIER THAN YOURS. The love and support from the cast and crew has been amazing. Without the proper budget to do it right and pay everyone their rates, everyone has agreed to help out this time around – to do it bare bones style. You won’t see as many fancy lights – but the humor and the heartbreak will be there tenfold.

This is all going to happen if I can just come up with $3000 more dollars by next week. This will cover locations, equipment, and food for the crew. Not to mention the trailer for my dog, whose agent insists he doesn’t work below union standards. But, seriously… It’s like that quote about jumping off the cliff and just flying. I’ve jumped off and I’m hoping the universe will catch me.

I’m offering executive producer credit for donations of $500 or more.
But everything helps.
Safe PayPal Link:

Here’s a little clue what the episodes are about. Episode 2 is called ‘NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH.” And Episode 3 is “THEY SET ME UP.” Remember that blog entry – back then?

Message me for more details.
And leave a comment if you think you know what these episodes are going to be about 

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