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My Dad’s Obsession With Nicki Minaj’s Big Butt Twerking

April 29, 2014


Due to several unforeseen circumstances, (problems at work, problems with boys, problems with life), I’ve been staying at my parents’ place. But enough about me – there are more pressing things to talk about. My father is an insomniac. He spends an inordinate amount of time on the internet to pass the waking hours. I’ve […]

EPISODE 3 “They Set Me Up”

April 4, 2014


You thought your parents were crazy, welcome to my world! Please share. And tell me what you think in the comments below!!! I look forward to hearing from you!! -Myra

Free T-Shirts for Loud Mouths

February 16, 2014


First of all, I’m going to write a blog post about other parents who are coupon-crazy and always looking for the cheapest deal. Does this describe your parents? Tell me about it in the comments. Also – the top three people who help share this episode the most will get a free MY PARENTS ARE […]


January 14, 2013


My brother hasn’t spoken to me since the summer when my parents found out about this blog.  He accused me of “throwing everyone under the bus.”  These were harsh words coming from someone who I took under my wing since he was born and I was an eleven year old big sister. I recently sent […]

“The Unemployed Days of Summer” #60

July 11, 2011


There’s something about living at home with your parents that adds an inordinate amount of weight to a pending job interview.  It becomes your everything.  Your key to the garden of hope – to the other side – where normal people live – where you can breathe easy and walk around in your underwear – where […]

“Oh NO They Didn’t” #55

June 7, 2011


Despite really wanting to be alone and perhaps enjoying a quiet romantic dinner for one, I not only run into Brian and his brother, but my parents on the way into Tsar’s Palace, the main dining room of the ship.  So, out of courtesy, we all dine together.  Not only is my father asking Brian […]

“A Little Action Never Hurt Nobody” #54

June 2, 2011


On the third day of the cruise, after calmly and intently spending some time in the ship’s café area with my journal and inner reflections, I went to the buffet for a late breakfast.  I was finally enjoying my own company and my own state of “aloneness” so much that there was a smile on […]

“Take A Risk” #49

April 30, 2011


Before I begin, I would like to address the questions posed to me by Kim, the funny, wise, and compassionate writer from FAST APPROACHING MIDDLE AGE  In response to my last post, she turned all of my interview questions on me.  So here are the answers: -At 8 years old I was very shy.  […]

“Class is in Session” #46

April 13, 2011


I was late to my first community writing class at the Comsewogue Public Library.  As you may have imagined, it was because my father needed to stop at Walmart first for a little swindling action.  Priorities are priorities.  I was lucky he was even doing me the grandiose favor of chauffeuring me to my ‘waste […]

“A Bad Piece of Fish” #39

March 22, 2011


My father decided he wanted to use his coupons for a Japanese/Chinese fusion buffet in Lake Grove.  I expressed my concern over a place that would only charge five dollars for lunch, doubting it could be any good.  My mother said I should stop complaining and open my eyes to specials and spending less.  So, […]