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“Free At Sea” #53

May 27, 2011


I like to set every course of adventure with an intention.  A purpose.  A trajectory of meaning.  Going on this cruise I intended to experience not only some desperately needed peace of mind, but clarity about ascending to a better place in life, and most importantly, developing a special bond with myself. When we boarded […]

“Take A Risk” #49

April 30, 2011


Before I begin, I would like to address the questions posed to me by Kim, the funny, wise, and compassionate writer from FAST APPROACHING MIDDLE AGE  In response to my last post, she turned all of my interview questions on me.  So here are the answers: -At 8 years old I was very shy.  […]

“The Little Engine That Could” #44

April 6, 2011


Now that I’m living with my parents, I’m no longer just living for myself.  I have my mother’s pride and reputation to think about.  So when she volunteer’s my services to her neighbor who needs a babysitter, I try to step forth in the best light possible.  I certainly could use the money, but I’ve […]

“In My Head, In My Heart” #42

April 1, 2011


My brother and sister left on Sunday.  Despite the stress that’s caused from having everyone around, a bizarre melancholy takes its place when they’re gone. I found myself alone in my room embodying a peculiar silence.  My parents went to the library for a talk on “Long Island Folklore” (it’s free).  This peculiar silence followed […]

“Hookah or Hooker?” #40

March 24, 2011


His name is Mohammed, but we’ll call him Habib for these purposes.  When he pulls up in his Silver Mercedes, my mother is telling me that I should let him pay for everything.  “He makes money, you don’t.  And don’t, you know, hmm hmm hmm.” “What do you mean, Mom?” “You know, hmm hmm hmm,” […]