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NYC Adventure and Video – #86

August 14, 2012


For my Dad’s birthday we drive to the city.  These trips to the city are marked by the ritual of eating at a specific Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown followed by the journey to the Times Square TKTS booth to score cheap tickets to a Broadway show. When it’s my Dad’s birthday he continually says things […]

“Storage War” #68

October 11, 2011


  I woke up with a runny nose and lack of sleep.  The dusty clutter from the hoarding in the house is getting to me. [Paragraph deleted] It has been harder for me to write my blog.  My father sees me on the computer and the barrage of questions come.  Last week, during Rosh Hashanah, my parents […]


September 30, 2011


When one of my New York City friends told me about a character she was going to play; a curmudgeonly asexual older woman in a moo-moo who went around attacking the rude and thoughtless behaviors of others, I immediately offered up my assistance, one on condition:  that this character would act out my personal pet […]


September 23, 2011


So, here it is.  Gay-Z, the video.  (Remember it’s a spoof).  See if you can spot Vito in his scene.

“Plunder the Smorgasbunder” #59

July 8, 2011


When I walk into the kitchen, my mother is anxious, nervous, smiling, energetic.  The mail has just come and she is holding an envelope.  She wants me to sit down; she has something to tell me.  I’m paranoid that she’s found my blog, as she’s been snooping around my room lately, and I’m starting to […]

“Take A Risk” #49

April 30, 2011


Before I begin, I would like to address the questions posed to me by Kim, the funny, wise, and compassionate writer from FAST APPROACHING MIDDLE AGE  In response to my last post, she turned all of my interview questions on me.  So here are the answers: -At 8 years old I was very shy.  […]

“The Little Engine That Could” #44

April 6, 2011


Now that I’m living with my parents, I’m no longer just living for myself.  I have my mother’s pride and reputation to think about.  So when she volunteer’s my services to her neighbor who needs a babysitter, I try to step forth in the best light possible.  I certainly could use the money, but I’ve […]

“I Got 99 Problems But A Dog Ain’t One” #41

March 28, 2011


If you’re havin’ canine problems, I feel bad for you son.  I got 99 problems, but a dog ain’t one… My dog is so gangsta, he wears his pants real low when he’s cruising in an Escalade. Even though he does bad things sometimes – like eat the steak off the counter that’s defrosting for […]