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March 14, 2013


The ability to write about what you experience in life is gift. Living in a dysfunctional family definitely had its down sides.  You know, the feeling of being trapped in craziness, no one knows what you’re going through, how can they get away with this, what if I wind up being taken to a mental […]

Annoying Cell Phone Users

December 3, 2012


So, WordPress just published my post without the text.  Then, erased all content from it.  So here I am retyping it. My parents are in Florida.  And I am in Queens.  My life is luxurious inside the Dunkin Donuts on Queens Boulevard where I come to escape to my inner world where I am a published writer among […]


November 1, 2012


This will be called the Campaign to Save Me From Having to Get a Job as a Stripper. As Jules will attest to, these T-shirts are hotter than pancakes!  Who needs electricity when you can BE electric wearing this hot commodity.  All you have to do is donate at least $50 or more using the […]


October 31, 2012


So, I sit here in a Queens Dunkin Donuts, my home away from home, writing to you after a long absence.  The hurricane swept through New York City, while I remained tucked away in the cave-like room I am renting. On Saturday and Sunday, October 20th and 21st, we shot the pilot episode for MY […]

Kickstarter Campaign Just Launched!!!

August 21, 2012


Okay, babies!  Here it is!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for.  5 minutes ago I hit the “launch” button and now the world can contribute $ to see MY PARENTS ARE CRAZIER THAN YOURS turned into a web series.  Who needs HBO when we’ve got ourselves? Also, let’s remember that I love my parents […]


May 5, 2012


It was with true resistance that I stepped through the doors of the medical annex.  And it was with mild delight that the man seating there when I walked in made me feel at home instantly.  All this for $29, I thought.  I should try Groupon more often.  “What’s your name?” “Myra.  And you’re…” “James.” […]

“F*#k the Job” #76

January 25, 2012


I’m a couple of weeks into the new job at the most dysfunctional restaurant ever, and I’m really trying my best to stay positive.  Every time the owner, who I must repeat looks like a mental institution escapee and sounds like a bear or perhaps wild boar, comes into the restaurant, he berates the managers, […]

Guys Who Wear Low Sagging Pants #67

October 5, 2011


Before I get into the Facebook fiasco with my father and the current silent treatment he’s imposing on me, I thought I’d post this funny Angry Gladys episode.  Our favorite curmudgeon addresses the boys who wear their pants below their asses.  Enjoy.   And stay tuned for upcoming family dysfunction.  


September 23, 2011


So, here it is.  Gay-Z, the video.  (Remember it’s a spoof).  See if you can spot Vito in his scene.

“Shoplifting at Dunkin Donuts” #64

September 21, 2011


“The world runs on Dunkin” is what I’m staring at while my father is arguing with the Indian minimum wage worker behind the counter over the price of munchkins. “That’s ridiculous,” my father exclaims. “That’s the price, sir,” says the young Indian who wishes right now that he came from an upper caste and didn’t […]