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August 27, 2012


Yeah, you heard me right. They found out about the blog and didn’t seem to find the humor in it.  On the contrary.  The shit has hit the fan.  And it sucks, to say the least.  I didn’t even have a chance to pack my Miss Piggy sheets.  Or snatch some Malomars for the road.  […]

Kickstarter Campaign Just Launched!!!

August 21, 2012


Okay, babies!  Here it is!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for.  5 minutes ago I hit the “launch” button and now the world can contribute $ to see MY PARENTS ARE CRAZIER THAN YOURS turned into a web series.  Who needs HBO when we’ve got ourselves? Also, let’s remember that I love my parents […]

“My Father: The Fashionista” #69

October 12, 2011


Temporarily deleted due to family tension.

“Plunder the Smorgasbunder” #59

July 8, 2011


When I walk into the kitchen, my mother is anxious, nervous, smiling, energetic.  The mail has just come and she is holding an envelope.  She wants me to sit down; she has something to tell me.  I’m paranoid that she’s found my blog, as she’s been snooping around my room lately, and I’m starting to […]

“Oh NO They Didn’t” #55

June 7, 2011


Despite really wanting to be alone and perhaps enjoying a quiet romantic dinner for one, I not only run into Brian and his brother, but my parents on the way into Tsar’s Palace, the main dining room of the ship.  So, out of courtesy, we all dine together.  Not only is my father asking Brian […]

“The Little Engine That Could” #44

April 6, 2011


Now that I’m living with my parents, I’m no longer just living for myself.  I have my mother’s pride and reputation to think about.  So when she volunteer’s my services to her neighbor who needs a babysitter, I try to step forth in the best light possible.  I certainly could use the money, but I’ve […]

“Hookah or Hooker?” #40

March 24, 2011


His name is Mohammed, but we’ll call him Habib for these purposes.  When he pulls up in his Silver Mercedes, my mother is telling me that I should let him pay for everything.  “He makes money, you don’t.  And don’t, you know, hmm hmm hmm.” “What do you mean, Mom?” “You know, hmm hmm hmm,” […]

“Will Brother Blow My Cover?” #38

March 20, 2011


So, as luck would have it, that time of the month hits me and I have no maxi pads.  (It’s ok fellas, keep reading.)  I would use some of my Mom’s Poises, but my dog destroyed them all.  I ask my parents if I can please use the car to just run to the store […]

“Therapy” #37

March 18, 2011


To combat the stress of the craziness, both inner and outer, I’ve started doing Tai Chi in the backyard.  Not real Tai Chi, because I’ve never taken a class, but my own version that I’ve made up.  I recall Ralph Macchio in“The Karate Kid”- wax on, wax off – and the old geezers I used […]

“Moving Back Home” #1

January 29, 2011


I moved my boxes in today.  My white Pit Bull, Vito (named that because he looks like an Italian gangster), has had a confused look on his face since we got here.  Like Dorothy to Toto, I said, “We’re not in New York City anymore.”  Before I could even begin unpacking, my parents called me […]