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EPISODE 3 “They Set Me Up”

April 4, 2014


You thought your parents were crazy, welcome to my world! Please share. And tell me what you think in the comments below!!! I look forward to hearing from you!! -Myra

Guess What’s Coming Monday?

February 8, 2014


Episode 2 of MY PARENTS ARE CRAZIER THAN YOURS, The Web Series. “No Such Thing as a Free Lunch.” After a year of trying to figure out how to get these little nuggets of pain and humor shot, I finally took the determination inside me to say let’s just do it even if we have […]


March 20, 2013


My good peoples… I bring to you…the 9 minute summation of how I got here. My one hope it that you enjoy it with lots of laughs.  My other hope is that my parents who will undoubtedly be watching this now that they know there’s a blog about them realize that A) I thank them for being such […]

Things My Crazy Parents Taught Me

March 4, 2013


-Fart jokes are always funny. -Always use a coupon. -It is better to receive than give.  But if you are going to give, use a coupon. -Don’t go to a buffet without Ziploc bags. -If you are going to wear sweatpants with holes, wear an ostentatiously colored sweatshirt to distract attention from aforementioned holes. -Dining […]


January 14, 2013


My brother hasn’t spoken to me since the summer when my parents found out about this blog.  He accused me of “throwing everyone under the bus.”  These were harsh words coming from someone who I took under my wing since he was born and I was an eleven year old big sister. I recently sent […]


July 24, 2012


While I was delivering my speech at my brother’s wedding, I kind of wondered why the cameraman was getting closer and closer to me.  I almost thought when I finished, he was going to say, “Wait, can we do it one more time in a medium shot?”  I was a little tipsy and too caught […]

“Storage War” #68

October 11, 2011


  I woke up with a runny nose and lack of sleep.  The dusty clutter from the hoarding in the house is getting to me. [Paragraph deleted] It has been harder for me to write my blog.  My father sees me on the computer and the barrage of questions come.  Last week, during Rosh Hashanah, my parents […]

Kermit Where Art Thou? #62

August 12, 2011


Last night an old friend of mine from the city invited me to go out dancing with her to a free event, held in a new, wannabe cool hotel on Tenth Avenue right near the tunnel to Jersey.  This friend of mine is one of those people who never asks how you’re really doing, how […]

“What Independence?” #58

July 6, 2011


We went to pick up my friend Rob from the train station on the fourth.  My father wanted to know why he was spending money in gas to do someone a “favor.”  He calculates every expense, like every time I open the cupboards, or the shower water is running, or the car is being used […]

“P-A-R-T-A-Y” #25

February 26, 2011


So, I decide to do something good and invite Rob over for dinner.  It’s the least I can do for him driving me around and being my faithful accomplice on the mission of embarrassing cell phone abusers.  As we drive home, my phone rings.  It’s my father who tells me that they just got home […]