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What’s Next

April 8, 2014


As people have been watching these episodes of MY PARENTS ARE CRAZIER THAN YOURS, I’m often asked, “What’s next?” As soon as I raise the money, I’m going to shoot the film version of my entry entitled, THE UPS GUY AND HIS PACKAGE. Remember that one? A beautiful, sexy, built, hot UPS guy comes to […]

EPISODE 3 “They Set Me Up”

April 4, 2014


You thought your parents were crazy, welcome to my world! Please share. And tell me what you think in the comments below!!! I look forward to hearing from you!! -Myra

Free T-Shirts for Loud Mouths

February 16, 2014


First of all, I’m going to write a blog post about other parents who are coupon-crazy and always looking for the cheapest deal. Does this describe your parents? Tell me about it in the comments. Also – the top three people who help share this episode the most will get a free MY PARENTS ARE […]


December 25, 2013


I want to wish you a very amazing holiday. And for those of you who are sick of Christmas stuff and ESPECIALLY those of you stuck with your own dysfunctional families, here is a little something something to entertain and maybe inspire you. A story about the person I was and the life I had […]

Kermit Where Art Thou? #62

August 12, 2011


Last night an old friend of mine from the city invited me to go out dancing with her to a free event, held in a new, wannabe cool hotel on Tenth Avenue right near the tunnel to Jersey.  This friend of mine is one of those people who never asks how you’re really doing, how […]

“The Unemployed Days of Summer” #60

July 11, 2011


There’s something about living at home with your parents that adds an inordinate amount of weight to a pending job interview.  It becomes your everything.  Your key to the garden of hope – to the other side – where normal people live – where you can breathe easy and walk around in your underwear – where […]

“Class is in Session” #46

April 13, 2011


I was late to my first community writing class at the Comsewogue Public Library.  As you may have imagined, it was because my father needed to stop at Walmart first for a little swindling action.  Priorities are priorities.  I was lucky he was even doing me the grandiose favor of chauffeuring me to my ‘waste […]

“Hookah or Hooker?” #40

March 24, 2011


His name is Mohammed, but we’ll call him Habib for these purposes.  When he pulls up in his Silver Mercedes, my mother is telling me that I should let him pay for everything.  “He makes money, you don’t.  And don’t, you know, hmm hmm hmm.” “What do you mean, Mom?” “You know, hmm hmm hmm,” […]

“A Bad Piece of Fish” #39

March 22, 2011


My father decided he wanted to use his coupons for a Japanese/Chinese fusion buffet in Lake Grove.  I expressed my concern over a place that would only charge five dollars for lunch, doubting it could be any good.  My mother said I should stop complaining and open my eyes to specials and spending less.  So, […]

“Laser Lights and Disco Balls” #35

March 15, 2011


They say milk does a body good.  I would, however, argue that martinis do any-body more good.  Or, to be more specific, martinis do a Caucasian body good.  Lest you, my readers, think that I am turning into a lush, or that I am once again touting the benefits of imbibing alcohol, let your fears […]