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Only 2 Days Left

July 15, 2013


…to help me fund Season One! Special perks include visits to the set and walk-on roles. 

Campaign Goes Live!

June 20, 2013


My fellow appreciators of dysfunctional comedy, Today, hot off the presses and right to you – the brand new campaign to fund the next 5 episodes of “My Parents are Crazier than Yours” is LIVE! It was with your help that the pilot episode was born – now at almost 80,000 hits on YouTube: […]


March 20, 2013


My good peoples… I bring to you…the 9 minute summation of how I got here. My one hope it that you enjoy it with lots of laughs.  My other hope is that my parents who will undoubtedly be watching this now that they know there’s a blog about them realize that A) I thank them for being such […]

Things My Crazy Parents Taught Me

March 4, 2013


-Fart jokes are always funny. -Always use a coupon. -It is better to receive than give.  But if you are going to give, use a coupon. -Don’t go to a buffet without Ziploc bags. -If you are going to wear sweatpants with holes, wear an ostentatiously colored sweatshirt to distract attention from aforementioned holes. -Dining […]

The Pilot Episode Premieres

January 26, 2013


…tonight in New York City! The curator of the KATRA FILM SERIES got a hold of the pilot episode for the MY PARENTS ARE CRAZIER THAN YOURS web series and chose to include it in tonight’s big event!  Yours truly, who doesn’t have enough money for a gala premiere outfit, will do her best to […]

Annoying Cell Phone Users

December 3, 2012


So, WordPress just published my post without the text.  Then, erased all content from it.  So here I am retyping it. My parents are in Florida.  And I am in Queens.  My life is luxurious inside the Dunkin Donuts on Queens Boulevard where I come to escape to my inner world where I am a published writer among […]


August 31, 2012


We scored a major goal on Wednesday.  Donations surpassed the $8000 mark.  Who knew there were that many people who could relate to dysfunction?  Okay, we knew.   If you haven’t seen the video that’s made my dog famous, check it out there: I am super excited and GRATEFUL to everyone for pledging and supporting […]


August 27, 2012


Yeah, you heard me right. They found out about the blog and didn’t seem to find the humor in it.  On the contrary.  The shit has hit the fan.  And it sucks, to say the least.  I didn’t even have a chance to pack my Miss Piggy sheets.  Or snatch some Malomars for the road.  […]

Kickstarter Campaign Just Launched!!!

August 21, 2012


Okay, babies!  Here it is!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for.  5 minutes ago I hit the “launch” button and now the world can contribute $ to see MY PARENTS ARE CRAZIER THAN YOURS turned into a web series.  Who needs HBO when we’ve got ourselves? Also, let’s remember that I love my parents […]

“Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go to New York” – #87

August 16, 2012


This is what the t-shirt, worn by a big woman with no bra on the subway read.  I’m heading back to Penn Station to return to Long Island and reminiscing over a night of debauchery.  Which naturally followed a day of shooting the most amazing video of my life.  This is what happened. We shot […]