The Pink Slip Party

Posted on June 15, 2013


Getting fired and moving back in with your parents is no party. Unless you decide to turn your problems into comedy. With your help, we made the first episode of my life as featured in this blog.
Now it’s time to complete Season One.

Kicking off the fundraising campaign that starts next week to raise $25,000 on is “The Pink Slip Party” to celebrate job loss and living with your crazy parents. Drink unlimited cocktails like “Broke & Beachless” or “Stuck in Suburbia” or “FML.” There will be a drunk ‘priest’ on hand at a confessional where you can disclose stories of your crazy parents. Or if you prefer, speak to one of our ‘psychiatric nurses’ who are there to listen. Best 3 stories get a t-shirt.

If you’re in or going to be in New York City next Wednesday, the 19th, click here:

If not, I love you anyway. Keep laughing. And keep sharing your crazy parent stories with me.

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