Posted on August 31, 2012


We scored a major goal on Wednesday.  Donations surpassed the $8000 mark.  Who knew there were that many people who could relate to dysfunction?  Okay, we knew.   If you haven’t seen the video that’s made my dog famous, check it out there:

I am super excited and GRATEFUL to everyone for pledging and supporting this pilot episode.  To reach your goal on Kickstarter in the first week like we did is apparently rare.  It is awesome.  But now, I’d like to reach a bit higher so that I can afford real locations and pay all the actors and crew their real rates instead of the bare minimums.

There are some pretty cool rewards for donors.  I spent a good 8-10 hours thinking of them.  For a nominal donation, you can get a kiss from my dog (just because he likes to lick his balls on a regular basis shouldn’t dissuade you).  For a slightly bigger donation, you can have an antagonist in one of the webisodes named after your greatest enemy.   So far this has been the most popular prize, so it looks like my series is going to be antagonist and conflict heavy.  I can adapt.  For another donation, you and your business will be written about here in the blog.  For a bigger chunk of change, you will be offered a small, walk-on role in the series.  And for those truly generous, you can be listed as a co-producer.

Thanks for sticking with me and reading.  Life has been challenging to say the least.  My parents don’t have the sense of humor I had hoped they would.    And in case they are reading this, which they probably are now that they hate me more than ever, I’d like to let them know that I am willing to offer them a cameo appearance on the show.  Maybe even a recurring role; we’ll see how it goes.

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