Rewards in Effect

Posted on August 29, 2012


As you may have seen on my Kickstarter page, there are fun rewards allocated for donors of different levels:

One of the great rewards for a pledge is a write-up of your product or service.  The cool thing is, the people who are donating in this category happen to be very special people with huge hearts who are going through their own wonderful journey while helping others.   My blog is about comedy, yes, but it is also, if you have noticed, about facing challenges with optimism, about growing despite or because of the obstacles, and about finding a new way to look at life.  So, it is with great pleasure to write about this particular person and what she offers.  Because I’ve seen her change the lives of people I know.   

Diane MacDonald is a professional coach and motivational speaker.  I’ve been a witness to her work as a coach.  I have friends who have gone to see her, who started out in a place of smallness or fear and emerged several months later with an awareness of their own power and a newfound optimism of what’s to come.   She doesn’t beat around the bush or tell you what you want to hear to keep you small and comfortable.  She will push you to be your best.  She will help you discover your hidden beliefs and ways you sabotage yourself.  She will hold you accountable for a new path of action and get you excited to take it.  She can whip your company into shape by harnessing a room full of people into a dynamic force of success.  Her public motivational speaking is powerful.

Diane teaches her clients to embrace self-love and never let go.  She encourages people to face their challenges from a place of power rather than victimhood and to release the belief in limitation and lack.  She will personally guide you towards unlimited possibilities; in business, in dreams, and in love.  Yeah, she really is all that and a bag of chips.

She offers a free introductory session and can speak to you in person or by phone.  FYI she sees both men AND women.

I will be highlighting some other fabulous donors in the days to come (for example, the lovely, brilliant and beautiful Dezur Kenna and her “Ripe Project”

In the meantime, I wanted to thank the following people for their kindness and generosity in my web series campaign:

Pia Savage, Adam Brawer, Ellen Higgins, William Waldner, Richard Shearer, Carolyn Nielson, Nelson Farber, Maureen (Hi Maureen!!), Shree Jacob (Hi Shree!), Speaker7 (Hi Speaker!!), GoJulesGo (Hi Jules!!), Nicki, and the very first pledge who shall never be forgotten, Bill McCurry!  There are many more.

I’m happy to report we’re currently at 98%.  Who’s gonna push it over 100???




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