“Vito Wants Out” #6

Posted on February 2, 2011


Vito has started growling at my father.  I tell my Dad it’s because he’s not giving him any attention.  But, deep down I worry that Vito (my Pit Bull) has a dark side.  That he will snap and maul my Dad because he doesn’t like him.  And that would really suck…for my father.

So, I take him around the block for a walk.  The suburban neighborhood I grew up in.  I run into Rob Kisilisky.  We were pals at 15.  We used to go to New Order and Circle Jerks concerts together.  We’d tell our parents we were on the math team and had a math meet, then get on the Long Island Rail Road with our dyed black hair and start applying gothic make-up.  Rob’s done a lot of drugs in his life, you can tell.  He’s home now because his dad was sick, eventually died, and now he’s hanging out with his mother for a while.

We’re catching up, and it feels so good to have a comrade out here who knows me.  He invites me into his car, so Vito and I get in, and Rob lights up a joint.  What the hell?  I’m unemployed.  I inhale, and soon all the crazy family vibes dissipate from my body.  I’m smiling for the first time in a while.  Rob and I talk about high school and how many people are divorced or fat now, and that makes us laugh so hard that tears are coming down our faces.

I walk Vito back home.  We’re both moving very slowly.  Or is it quickly?  I look at a squirrel and start laughing hysterically.  Usually Vito lunges at squirrels, but he’s way too laid back right now.  I walk back in the door, and I must look really happy, because my mother comes over to me and gives me a big kiss.  “I’m so happy you’re here with me.  By the way, I found a guy who’s gorgeous and single, and he likes your pictures.”

“That’s really nice, Mom.”

“Why do you smell like  a skunk?”

I’m so quick on my feet, I could jump up and kiss myself.  “Vito and I were in the woods.”

My father chimes in from the background, “Because she IS a skunk.”

I reply, “You’re hilarious.  You should do stand-up.”

I go up to my room, lie down on the old Miss Piggy/Kermit sheets, and curl up with Vito.  His eyes are pink.  I could swear I see his mouth moving.  I think he’s about to say, “Would you pick up the phone and call Dominos for a pizza, already?”

I think about Rob and his parents.  I think about old age.  How my parents won’t be around forever.  How I hate their craziness.  But, how sad I’ll be when it’s their time to go.